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For over seven years, we have committed ourselves to unravel the principles, processes, and practices that serve as the bedrock of enduring individual and corporate greatness. Our research shows that at the core, in the hearts and minds of every individual lies seeds of greatness. Our objective is to help you discover this power and energy within you and to use it towards impacting and influencing your world. Through years of effective teaching, training, and research we have helped many individuals and institutions identify their core competencies and amplify their unique gifts and potentials.

The OyES Advantage

We understand your requirement and provide quality works

Sustainable Growth

It is one thing to grow and it is another thing to make that growth irreversible. Sustainable growth is that type of irreversible growth and builds on what uniquely defines you.

Corporate Culture

We help you and your organization redefine your revenue model by helping you empower each individual to bring on their true self and potential into what they do

Change and Transformation

Whether it is technological advancement, environmental changes, or pandemic crises, change will always come. Our training helps you see change as an opportunity for growth and transformation

Value Appropriation

Who we are is a combination of our values and beliefs. We work side by side with you, activating your power of focus. We will help you align with your core values and appropriately building your life and legacy around what is truly significant.

Mental Strength

mental and emotional stability is rooted in awareness and mindfulness. Both are determined by cognitive constructs where the Wise Advocate helps the brain’s Assessment Centre. Our program is designed to break this process down step by step for you.

Enduring Greatness

Unknown to many, the principles and practices that lead to enduring greatness come about through a defined process. Our proven research-based program will take you through how any one, at any stage in their life or career, can become extraordinary

Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated individuals to your committed to your enduring greatness

Channon Oyeniran,
Jada Wright, Communications Manager & Special Assistant
David Ajimati, Programs Coordinator & Marketing Manager

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OyES Education We are committed to empowering individuals and institutions

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