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Young Leaders Mentorship Program

Raising leaders with vision, purpose and impact

today’s leadership

with purpose

Young people can develop the skills required to lead in a ever complex world. This foundational mentorship program provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to become more influential and impactful today and in the future.

This program stands on three main pillar

This program is built on The OyES Framework and stands on three core pillars and aims to give young, emerging leadership candidates an opportunity to network with professionals, receive guidance that will empower them their personal and professional development.

Foundations of leadership

An historical foundation for leadership from the lens of seasoned leadership educators.

Responsible leadership

The challenges of today need more than just being a business leader. Responsible leadership involves appreciating multiple stakeholders in a multidimensional operating model.


The Level 7 Leadership framework shows the larger perspective of the transgenerational leadership and legacy model.

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