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OyES EDucation relaunches: with a renewed commitment to the enduring greatness of individuals and institution

Today, we open a new chapter at OyES Education renewing our commitment to helping individuals and institutions become enduringly greatness. It all started in 2013 with the intent to equip and empower individuals towards identifying and amplifying their God-given purpose and potential. After a series of life-transforming events that gave me deeper perspectives in life, I realized that I could help other people on their own journey as well. Starting from my humble background in Nigeria, I miraculously had the opportunity to study in the UK where I won numerous awards including the “Going Global” Responsible Leadership award. My work in the Learning Teaching and Assessment Committee (LTAC) and Quality Committee (QC) helped the Hull University Business school pass it EQUIS Accreditation and obtaining its Tripple A accreditation.

While we have not been in the spotlight, over the years, we have been building and strengthening OyES Education foundation. Through research and training, we have developed proprietary tools and resources that can help individuals and institutions – no matter what stage they are in their life and career – become extraordinary. Our approach, which we now call “The OyES Advantage” is pretty simple and builds on the teaching and training of time-tested principles and practices.

This is what our world proposes to us:

*Go to school

*Work hard

*Find a good job

*Hustle and Grind

*Find others who have accomplished what you want and copy them

*Attend as many as possible conferences, workshops and programs

*Define success by making lots of money and live large

As good as these all sound, a lot is still missing. At its very core, this approach has the tendency to cause you lots of time, energy and money only to find that you are not making any progress. The reasons are obvious, none of the above reflects the first principle of personal true expression – your unique God-given gifts, purpose and potential as well as the unique solution you have been created to provide.

As a result, many are running from pillar to post only to find that they are exhausted and frustrated and having little or no impact in their life. What if we look at life in this way:

*Acquire the right knowledge of who you truly are

*Work hard towards developing your unique gifts, talents and potential

*Consistently work in areas that meet your purpose and passion

*Enjoy what you do daily

*Complement others rather than copy

*Attend few carefully chosen programs that align with your core values

*Define success by creating value, serve people with your gifts, contributing significantly to others and establishing your legacy 

What you will find is that this approach looks rather unpopular or uncommon. And therein lies the issues: many have been going through life just winging it and hoping that things will just work out in the end.

In a world filled with social image consciousness, techniques, quick fixes, social Band-Aids and aspirin that addressed acute problems and sometimes even appeared to solve them temporarily – but leaves underlying chronic problems untouched to fester and resurface time and again, we are privileged to have uncovered time-tested principles and practices. When these principles gets imbibed in the heart, they become intricate component of our character in integrity, humility, fidelity, temperance, courage, justice, patience, industry, simplicity, modesty, and the Golden Rule. By integrating these life principles deep within – each of us can experience long-term significance and enduring greatness – as against the numerous alternative mere successes that are only short-lived.

We invite on the journey and encourage you to do the following: Follow @oyeseducation across all platforms. Visit where you will find one or two free resources to get you going right away. Our first webinar titled: “Anatomy of The Mindset That Sees Greatness in Crisis” comes up September 25th. More updates to follow. The season we are in right now provides us with an opportunity to reach within, to truly tap from an infinite pool of blessedness that God has placed inside of us. This is a defining moment in history.

Oluwaseun Oyeniran

Oluwaseun Oyeniran

He is the Founder & President of OyES Education. He is a student and teacher of enduring greatness. He is the author of numerous books including The Power of Vision, Live Love Learn Grow, and others. His passion is to see everyday ordinary people identify their unique purpose and amplify their distinct potential for positive impact and legacy. He can be found on Twitter @seunoyeniran.

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