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The Power of Vision

After examining an immense trove of data, including articles, inaugural speeches, biographical reports, historical records, autobiographies, and almanacs, this book explores how anyone can become extraordinary in life.

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The Power of Vision research produced several interesting findings. From identifying habits of extraordinary to common myths.

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“Insightful, engaging, and well-developed, The Power of Vision offers readers practical advice for making their lives and work extraordinary. The scholarly approach you take in this book underscores the importance of the messages presented while the down-to-earth writing style keeps the material easily accessible.” – WestBow Press EditorialGroup

“This book does not only tell you what a vision is and how to fulfill it but it carefully guides you through fulfilling it. It communicates high-level concepts in down-to-earth terms that anyone could follow.” Dr. Edem Ernest Edifor, Metropolitan University, UK

“You cannot but read The Power of Vision. It will take you from where you are to where you ought to be. It will take you from living a mediocre life to living an extraordinary life. It will cause you to journey from a meaningless existence to a life of worth and value. This book will transform your life.” Dr Samuel Ekundayo, The Purpose Preacher, Auckland, New Zealand

This is a book to read, own, and share with everyone in and around our network. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book.” Dr. Everod Edwards, Rural and Suburban Mail Carrier, Canada Post

Using empirical evidence drawn from historic data to demonstrate how clearly, extraordinary human beings (including leaders and inventors) have impacted the world is another interesting feature in the book.” -Mondiu Jaiyesimi, Senior Consultant and AML and Forensics Expert

“The writer of this book is on to something powerful. These words of wisdom challenges us “not to succumb to mediocrity, and that we are more than ordinary, because we are extraordinary being. Loving the fact also that this book not only speaks to the young, but it speaks to everyone. The Power of Vison encourages, inspires, raises one’s spirit and it is practical and realistic. It gets the attention that keeps you reading and wanting more. Thank you for this unselfish journey of revelation and hard work that will move people to achieve greatness. Thank you for the passion to see others move from ordinary to extraordinary.” Janet Williams-Edwards, Revivaltime Tabernacle, Canada

“This is a book to read, own, and share with everyone in and around our network. I don’t think there’s anyone who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book.” Ayodeji Aderibigbe, PhD Candidate, Purdue University, USA


This extraordinary journey is bound to transform your life.

Proceeds from this book is used in support of OyES Education Fund – raising young leaders in developing nations.

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